Sell Your Asset

We Buy Used CNC Machines

MetalChip Solutions buys your used CNC machines. Whether you’re upgrading your CNC machinery or need to liquidate a plant/facility, we will buy most used CNC equipment.

We turn your surplus and idle assets into cash you can use. We are experienced with all types of used CNC machines from most of the major manufacturers.

Used Machinery Dealers

As used machinery dealers, we will facilitate the sale of your used CNC machines. If you consider us in consigning or brokering your machine/asset, we would suggest the following in order to make the process most effective.

1. Clean the machine. If the machine is covered in rust, dust and gunk, even if it’s only been lightly used, it will not bring top dollar. A bright, shiny machine shows the quality of the machine, and will help it sell quickly. First impressions!

2. Be realistic in pricing. A used machine/asset must be appropriately discounted over the current new price in order to make it appealing to purchase. Depreciation depends on several factors, including age, usage (metals cut), desirability of the CNC control, and hours of use on the spindle. If you set an unrealistically high price at the beginning, your machine may sit unsold for months, until you take an unrealistically LOW price just to get rid of it. Be realistic from the beginning.

3. Be responsive. A buyer of a used CNC machine buys used because it’s cheaper, they may be in need of that particular control, which compliments other CNC machines on their floor, or they need something immediately to fill a requirement/job they have. So if you’re selling, be responsive and provide us with the information we’re asking for, in order that we can respond to a potential buyer quickly. Failure to do so could result in a lost sale.

4. Be specific in your specifications. Buyers don’t generally buy used CNC machines based solely on the make and model number. Make sure all options are listed in the machine description, and specifications, i.e., does it have coolant thru spindle, fourth axis, C-axis, conversational programming, IGF, probe? Does everything work? Is anything missing? Many times a buyer is under pressure to make a quick decision, and if an option is not listed on your machine, they will pass and continue searching elsewhere.

5. Know your history. Buyers want to know a machine’s history, and the story behind the machine. The more information you can supply, the better. This includes hours of operation, metals cut, repair history, and tolerances held.

If you’d like to sell your used CNC machinery, whether outright sale, or on a consignment/broker basis, give us a call at 443-812-3828. Or, simply fill out the form and we plan to work with you or your staff to ‘fill in the blanks’.